December 29th, 2003


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Okay, to be more precise:

I have one machine working under Windows 2000-- basically the old machine in a new case. Eventually this machine needs to have the drive wiped and reinstalled, as it's full of legacy crap and it needs to be reset because it's unstable.

The new machine-- well, the hardware works. However, I need to load XP to take advantage of all of the nifty features (like enhanced hard drive space). And now it seems like there is a conflict between the video capture card and DirectX 9. This sucks a whopping lot because the video capture card is a major piece of equipment-- it's not a toy-- and it's been discontinued by the manufacturer (i.e. no new drivers).
So I have to consider the purchase of a new professional video capture card.

Omigod are they expensive.

I guess I've known it was coming. I was just hoping to get a few more years worth of use out of the Perception card.
Second bit is the sound card. The new motherboard has built-in sound. Thing is, it's not exactly a professional-quality sound system, and I'm in the same kind of boat. This may be easier in the short run, because I think that MicroCenter carries SPDIF-to-USB converters, and I can use the DAT machine as an A/D converter. It's just a little inconvenient, and eventually I'm going to have to find a good solution.

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So I'm formatting one machine while I post with the other. Gotta love it. Except for the cutting my finger opening the Windows XP packaging. Leave it to Microsoft to draw blood.

And a buttload of new software was delivered today. I'm gonna be busy. Reel DVD, Speed Razor 5.51, Blade 2.2 Boris FX and Graffiti, and all after XP. And then the standard software that I need to reload.

Somehow I get the feeling it will be a few hours.