January 25th, 2004


Ruminations on the economy

Watching early-morning TV, and a news story about jobs and the economy. One of the things that was mentioned was that despite the 8+ million jobs gone, productivity is not declining. And methinks that certain business types can't help but say that evidently those 8+ million jobs are not needed.
They never seem to consider that that's at least 6 million people without income.

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Chuck Lorre

It was a novel thought for Dave: What if he's not someone who is perpetually in need of repair? What if the real grunt work of self-improvement is simply being aware of the things one thinks, feels, says and does? Dave decided to put his novel thought to the test by being aware of the first feeling that came along. As it turned out, his first brain guest was the feeling of horny. Dave was aware that he was horny. But, his awareness told him he was not so much horny as lonely. And the loneliness was really just a deep-seeded fear that he was unworthy of being loved......even by himself. Suddenly, Dave no longer felt horny. Now he felt hungry. But not so much hungry as sad. And the sadness was really just a deep-seeded fear that he was unworthy of being loved......even by himself. Which caused Dave to no longer feel hungry. Now he felt insane. But, that was okay because he was aware of it. And it wasn't so much insane as psychologically giddy.


donkey balls

My mind is like a stuttering spark of chaos theory. On one hand, I'm writing a screenplay as well as handling preliminary production stuff. On another hand, I'm having a career crisis. I have to continue looking for work while doing cleanup work on my previous job, for which I am finding little motivation.

On yet another anatomically innacurate hand, I am finding a whole new way to appreciate movies. Consider the logistics of costuming, makeup, wrangling and feeding 100 zombies. Consider the cost of materials for special effects makeup and general effects. Consider that most places that have the materials won't ship them until it gets warmer. Locations. Adequate toilet facilities for 100 bored zombies in a town of population 600. Somewhere there is an internet page devoted to the calculation of what is considered "adequate", and one would assume it takes into account peak catastrophe (like Taco Night at craft services) issues.

Does this sound like a fun job to you?
Would you be willing to do it for free?