February 2nd, 2004


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Doctor Frankenstein
You are Doctor Frankenstein, the icy man of
science. Nothing stands in the way of your
quest for forbidden knowledge.

Which Classic Movie Monster Are You?
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Wait-- does that mean I should look for porn?

Francis Ford Coppola
You are Steven Spielberg - talented but starting to
get into a rut. Loved your last one!

What Kind of Director are You?
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Wait, that's Coppola.

Alfred Hitchcock
You are Alfred Hitchcock - master of suspense and
meticulous craftsman. Congrats!

What Kind of Director are You?
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That's better.


Okay. So Janet got all nipples to the wind during the superbowl show. Now the FCC is looking at filing obscenity charges.

How on earth did a woman's breast become obscene?

It wasn't even particularly sexy. There was an interesting and very effective bit of jewelry that I rather liked. The boob itself was a little like an overfilled water balloon.

I've seen breasts. Good ones, bad ones, and some that made me cringe. But never have I found any of them obscene.

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From tonight's My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee:

"Don't chew with food in your mouth."

And a beautiful line that I misheard and almost made me spew diet Coke® out my nose:

"Simon wouldn't know talent if it bit him on his perenium."

Sometimes I love my lack of hearing.
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Artist Horoscopes

TAURUS april 26 - may 20
Mars, the planet of action, is entering your sign early in the month, so have your walking shoes ready and your overnight bag packed, as you will have too many opportunities to choose from in the weeks ahead. Taurus painters will be going to more art openings than usual, although you should not be passing out flyers to any events you have. If you rain on someone's parade this month you will have an enemy for life. Ask important people to come by for a studio visit.

Mars, planet of men.

(If you get that reference, you have known me for a long time.)

Being pulled in four directions, this fits quite well.

You're most like Faith!

Which 'Angel' Character Are You Most Like?
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At least I have a nice ass.