February 22nd, 2004



Went to a party tonight at Mark & Kristianne's-- Spagetti Western night. We watched old Sergio Leone films and had... well, spaghetti. I made my nigh-unto-famous feta dip in two varieties (kalamata olive and red bell pepper), and I finally got to give Kristianne her massage. Turns out she hadn't had a massage in two years, and she'd never had a full-body massage, so she was in serious need. She also ended up drooling at one point, which was highly complimentary. But I am also reminded that I am really out of practice: my arms and legs are really shaky and have that fatigue thing happening.
Luckily I can sleep in.

Tomorrow is basically bathroom cleaning duty. Greggums is coming down to visit for a short time next week which should be fun, though he will be busy doing research on his master's thesis.

All for now. Must go sleep.