February 29th, 2004


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[11:42 AM Owatonna]
Stopped to get gas and a car wash-- typing this during the rinse. It's weird being in O-town and not working here. Some stuff has changed: a new fleet farm, and an old house next to the subway torn down.

Gas prices in Owatonna are 30 cents a gallon cheaper than Minneapolis.

[1:40 PM, Flying J truck stop, about 60 miles and change from Des Moines]
Wi-fi access from a truck stop. I'm digging this. Although it turns out you have to pay for it. I'll wait.

Radio is the savior of the day. This drive is b-o-r-i-n-g. Lots of agricultural land, and a cool wind farm just south of the iowa border-- huge, must be square miles.

[2:55 PM, Urbandale Iowa, Comfort Inn]
Well, I'm here. Checked in, still haven't unpacked the vehicle, but the wireless access is working. It's only 802.11b, so it's a little slower than I'd like, but still serviceable. The room is pretty small, but it has a king size bed, and it's still bigger than that crappy place I stayed at in Knoxville.

Gas prices in Des Moines are almost 40 cents cheaper than Minneapolis. And it's currently 60 degrees. Almost all of the snow is gone, with the exception of a few low spots.

I have to make a trek over to John Deere to see where it is I'll be going. And then back to maybe have dinner at Bennigan's and some enhanced hot tub time.

Sinuses cleared up considerably after I picked up some Propel "sports drink" at the Flying J. That and a gallon of spring water. I think I was dehyderated.

More later maybe.
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And now it's raining. Cripes, when was the last time it was warm and rained? It feels weird.

Dinner at Bennigan's was dandy. Best steak I've had for quite a while, and I have enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

And now for the hot tub. I stopped by and looked at it on the way in. It's small. I'll find out if it's a decent soak in a few minutes. Sayonara!

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The hotel network connection is a little spotty, which is annoying as hell.

Hot tub is a little dirty, but it's freaking hot. Like soup hot. And full of bromine, which foams. A lot. So the jets are more a pain in the ass than anything, but it's okay because the soup hot makes the muscles get all melty.

It's not the best hot tub, but it's probably in the top five of hotels I've traveled. Interestingly enough, the second-best is in Owatonna. Best is in Bemidji, or at least it was. I think they may have remodeled the hotel and killed it.

And now I'm gonna crawl into bed and read a bit before doing the sleepy thing. Must work in the morning!
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