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March 5th, 2004

12:19 Lunch in the salt mines. The field trip was postponed again, this time due to rain. The field is too muddy to run the tractor.

Today I am starting with the user interface, which is already designed (by marketing, naturally). Taking the UI and trying to create use cases so that these can be attached to specific modules in the architecture and help to group the requirements in some logical fashion. Manish doesn't see the need for more than 30-40 requirements, but I think there will be a whopping lot more. I think there are probably 30 use cases.

I spent a little extra time last night searching for a new hotel. The one that I am currently using is fine, but I feel like I'm paying too much for what I'm getting. I'd either like to pay less, or get better quality for the same (or similar) price. My constraints are that I need high-speed internet access (ethernet or wireless) and a hot tub.
Trying to look it up on the web is difficult, because most hotel listing websites don't list internet access, or they lump it all together not differentiating between high-speed and a modem port in your room.
I'll probably take a day or two next week and check a couple out.

Not so much looking forward to the long drive home. Looking forward to being home and sleeping in my own bed with cuddlepets.

I feel a little out of touch socially. I really have been for quite a while, but now I feel it.

I want to sleep in.

Has anyone actually done a study on the correlation between employee dress codes and productivity?

I need to write more.

This morning I came in and when I tried to log in, it showed that my account had been locked out. I was hoping that I had been fired, but alas it was only a screwup in the administration.


Maybe more later. I'm gonna try and pick up a wireless connection on the way home so I can upload this before the drive.

5:39-- I'm on the road. Later!

Yay! I'm home.

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