March 14th, 2004


Tempus memit


First best friend(s):
Probably Craig Anderson in pre-school.

First date:
Can't remember her name now, but chicken dinner at Country Kitchen. Neither one of us spoke. It was really bad.

First real kiss:
Denise Crotteau, when I was 16. Somewhere there is a picture.

First break-up:
I "broke up" with a girl named Sandy that I dated a couple of times. I don't remember why, but I was a real shit.

First screen name:
Lord Hedon.

First self-purchased album:
Jethro Tull: Songs from the Wood

First funeral:
Bob Shreve, my father's best friend. Cancer. The only time I ever saw my father cry.

First piercing/tattoo:
Pierced ear, somewhere around 1982. Long since forgotten.

First true love:
A stripper named Elaine.

First enemy:
Moloch, son of Lothar.

First musician you remember hearing in your house:
Danny Davis. Or maybe Hank Williams.

Last cigarette:
Camel no-filters. College, 1986.

Last car ride:
Where I was a passenger? Going to a bank to sign a patent assignment.

Last kiss:
Ever? Barb, this afternoon before I left for Des Moines.

Last good cry:

Last library book checked out:
Probably something from college.

Last movie seen:
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.

Last beverage drank:
Diet Coke. No brainer there.

Last food consumed:
Summer sausage.

Last crush:
I'm having a rather difficult time with this one right now.

Last phone call:
Hm... probably to Tony this weekend.

Last time showered:
This morning.

Last shoes worn:
Um... the shoes I have on now?

Last cd played:
5001 sound effects.

Last item bought:
A computer game.

Last annoyance:
Taggers that hit the alley behind the house.

Last disappointment:
Someone who did something that affects me deeply, then tried to keep it a secret.

Last time wanting to die:
This afernoon, driving to Des Moines.

I didn't.

Last time scolded:
Last week sometime.

Last shirt worn:
Black T-shirt.

Last website visited:
Yahoo! mail. Or Livejournal.

Last word you said:

Last song you sang:
Badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom

What is in your cd player?:

What color socks are you wearing?:

What color underwear are you wearing?:
White. Boring. Don't plan on having anybody see me in my underwear tonight anyway.

What is under your bed?:
Dead hooker. Very flat.

What time did you wake up today?:
A little before 10.

Where do you want to go?:
Many places. Most of europe. The east coast. Hawaii. South America. Australia & New Zealand. Vancouver. SanFran.

What career to you want to have?:
Filmmaker. Or tequila tester.

Where do you want to live?:
Someplace near the mountains with a wide expanse of beach. Or underground.

How many kids do you want?:
None, thanks. I'm full.

What kind of car(s)?:
A flying one.

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Downside of the hotel-- apparently there is some sort of convention happening whic involves children ranging from toddler up to about 12 or so. Many many in the 7-10 range, and most of them in the pool.
Tubbing therefore was stunted this evening.
About to crawl into bed.
I like the room. Somewhere as a cross between the (former) Radisson and the Lodge on Crooked Lake in Siren. With broadband internet.