March 27th, 2004


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I got my ear pierced today.

This may be kind of a yawner to some of you folks out there, as I've been pretty conservative when it comes to body modifications. But this last week I had to make a very difficult personal choice, and it's one that is affecting my whole life. Nothing will be the same as it was.
I consider it to be a momentous decision. And as a kind of marker for that, I got a piercing.
I almost got a tattoo. Still might actually, but the piercing also has the bonus of being something that will freak out the folks at work. Seeing as how their dress code doesn't mention it, I figure they just haven't had to deal with it yet.
It's not exactly earth-shattering. It's an 18-ga stainless steel ring with a small ball. Maybe 3/8" in diameter, and it's pretty subtle. I like it.
The tattoo I'm considering will probably involve the walking dead, and I'm gonna see if I can talk cajones into doing me some custom art.

In other news, I got my first paycheck from this job today. Sudden realization of exactly why I took it in the first place. I still have to pay all the estimated taxes and stuff, but even after all that, it's half again what I made at my previous job.

Is it worth it? I don't know. In four weeks, I've been ready to walk out twice, and one of those times I was actually in the parking lot. Still sticking it out.

Went and saw "The Passion of the Christ" at Block E this afternoon.

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Also bought some new Hellboy compilations, and another excursion into Alan Moore territory which I'll talk about later.

For now there is soup, and then bed.

windelina, I need to talk to you privately. I'll be in iowa, so it'll have to be by e-mail.