March 29th, 2004


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...every day between here and there. ...was kidnapped by Gypsies and forced to cut my hair. I took about two inches ...- I know a bit of minutae and I am lonely with no one to geek out about this with. If ...sleep and a warm, long dose of plaster removal. I came home to find a note on my computer from my ...your fishy beat michaellee ? I'm not that happy with many of the pictures I took at Gallifrey One -- I'm ...defense. "*** Urgent message from the Zundelsite! ***" posted Ingrid Rimland on her revisionist mailing list -- repeating the "urgent" line ..."Roman" or "Hooked" noses. These noses usually look long from the front with some extra width at the nose bridge. From ... ...I have a feeling that'll easily be the best news of the day. Haven't seen it in over a decade, but ...Hehe. It`s gonna be fun. And she`s is now in a relationship. I can`t belive it. Hehehe. It`s just great. Sorry the distant past, or I would be really sad. Also, did I mention that I am having a really bad ...
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And in the darkness I saw them. The children. They were playing and laughing, though their eyes held an interminable sadness, their hair as red as a beacon, as red as yours.
I remember when I touched you that first time, how unbelievably soft your skin was, doeskin or fine silk. and I was surprised when it was warm and I pulled back; you laughed in that throaty laugh that makes me feel like everything is all right with the world jus for now, and you pulled my hand close you you and touched it to your lips.
You weren't there. I didn't understand why at first, then I remembered the sadness that I saw in them, remembered why that pain comes through the eyes of someone who has seen things that they shouldn't have seen so young, and yet as old as time.
And I miss you.
I want to reach out and touch you again, feel that softness, hear your voice silent for so long now, and I dream.