May 22nd, 2004


MTV guides my thoughts

This Rock & Roll lifestyle is wearing me down.

Oddly, I am not Lenny Kravitz.

But I do like the concept of Halle Berry as Catwoman.

Where would you go on the roadtrip of your dreams?

Small bears should not be given superpowers.

The Beastie Boys are now Beastie Men.

(no subject)

Tough time waking up this morning.

First off, I went to bed last night at about 9. I was sleepy, and figured I'd nap for a couple of hours, then get up to watch some movies.

Woke upoofed around for a couple of hours, then back to bed. And awake at 11:00, where it took me the remainig half hour to actually get out of bed.

I have no big plans for the day. I may get outside and visit the nearby park, as it actually looks like a nice day. Then again, I'm quite stiff from the last week and watching movies sounds like a wonderful way to spend a relaxing day.

I've become knackered with home-improvement shows again. I'm particularly intrigued about the faux finishes with paint and glaze, and I've been drawing up plans for the house.

Next weekend is a long weekend, and I'll be heading home for yet another big project. I may need help with lifting heavy wood, so if anyone is feeling free and muscle-y, you're welcome to come over. Particularly if you bring a big ladder.

The following weekend (June 5th & 6th), I will probably need some help with walking dogs, because we'll have two, and I'll be the only one home. So again, for anyone who feels dog-happy, sometime in the afternoon of June 5th, coming over for dog-walking would be appreciated.

The Joy of Cooking

Tonight is pork & beans with added drained slow-cooked bacon and olives, with some extra lean (98%!) ground beef cooked in a little pinot grigio (with a glass for the chef as well).

It may not sound like much, but for bachelor chow, it's doggone nice, low-carb, and relatively healthy. And chock full of muscle-building protien.

Some cooking with wine tips:

Generally, if you like the taste of the wine when you drink it, you will like the taste when you cook with it.

Don't worry about red/white wine choices with meat; either one works.

If you go with a sweeter wine, try adding a little bit of fresh-squeezed fruit juice as well. For instance, this chardonnay would be excellent with a little bit of orange. Don't use frozen concentrate.

A tiny bit of celebration: on the bike tonight I was focusing on some upper body work because my arms are much less muscular than my legs. I was also focusing on a smoother leg motion, which if you bike a lot you will understand-- working on the forward stroke as well as the down stroke-- and I broke 300 calories in 25 minutes. It's the first milestone: I've actually increased my caloric burn by half again from what I originally started with.

I'm bumping up to 30 minutes next week.