June 5th, 2004


Best laid plans

So the reroofing project turned out to be a bigger pain in the ass than I had hoped.
First of all, I decided to set up a canopy because there was some rain last night and I wanted to be able to deal with small rain showers that were predicted. That took some extra time. And setting up the stand for the saw took another couple of hours because the instructions sucked.

Then I had to clear off more of the old roofing material. And in so doing, discovered that the original roof decking is rotting through in places and will have to be removed.

And since I was alone, dealing with large timbers of pressure-treated wood which were still wet was a major pain in the ass. Figure that a 2x10 x 14 feet long is about my weight lift limit, and you will begin to see that I was outmatched. It was after 5:00 before I even got going on the first ledger board, and that took me about two hours to get into place, leveled and attached. My plan was originally to get the main ledger board, the two side joists and the end joist in place today.

Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans. A little rain came, and I decided to keep working. Then there was a flash and a big boom... thunderstorm, and really close.
I packed up everything and threw it in the back of the truck. And as I was heading into the house, a huge wind came and picked up my shelter and flipped it over into the backyard, so I had to quick grab the saw and workbench and throw those into the truck, and try to get a tarp up on the roof.
Well, a little too late. The rain came down like a freaking firehose. I got the tarp on, but it's not tacked down so it could very well blow away.

And all I really got up was the ledger board.

So tomorrow morning is likely going to be some sort of jerry-rigging spectacular because I have to go back to Des Moines, and the roof right now is not in any kind of weatherproof state.

This bites.

(no subject)

So the home computer is sick. I have shut it down for now-- tried reinstalling XP, and it gets part way through the drivers and reboots.
not good.

On a good note, I did figure out how to stabilize my wireless card on the notebook. Disable "use windows to manage".


I am really stiff & sore.


Okay, we have a dishwasher now. How hard would it be to actually do dishes?

I suppose you'd have to move all of the stuff that you have piled in front of it.