June 28th, 2004


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Apparently livejournal was hungry, because it ate several of my last posts. Although I suppose they were pretty light on content, so no big loss.
I'm up in The Cities for the week, mostly doing work on the house. Bryan is up from KC, and tonight we burned pretty much in setting up the shelter canopy, resurrected from the dead. And it even has some very zombielike characteristics, like bad stitching and patched up holes. But it is up, and verily tomorrow begins the heavy work.

Wish me luck.

power flirting

I got this in a message today, from someone who means well:

...Worried that you
could get yourself into a situation where your flirting could be
perceived by someone else as an assault...

Okay, I could conceive where unwanted flirting could be considered as harassment, but assault??

I like to flirt. Or I used to-- I'm a little more aloof these days. But when did I ever cross the line so badly that I could be taken as potentially harmful or dangerous?

I'm not a stalker. I don't follow women around. I may smile and say hi, or joke with them if I feel that they are open to it, but I haven't ever considered that I was being anything more than occasionally inappropriate. And I have crossed that line on a couple of occasions-- but when I have become aware of it, I have apologized profusely and made sure that they new that I meant no offense.

Cripes, do I need a disclaimer before every human interaction?

Now I'm paranoid.

...and your occasional Aqualung-like behavior...

Sitting on the park bench
Eyeing little girls with bad intent
Snot was running down his nose
Greasy fingers, wearing shabby clothes...


Remote e-mail posting

The only thing that I don't like about posting by e-mail is that I can't set any of the options, so it always defaults to a public message.
I had a dream last night, starring tekwh0re.
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Coming back home tonight. Actually tonight is a slumber party with some friends, so technically I'll be back home tomorrow.

It felt a little weird packing up the apartment. I made sure everything was off, and turned the thermostat up so the A/C wouldn't be kicking in as much, and did a minor cleaning before leaving so when I come back I'll have a reasonably clean apartment. It felt almost like I was moving. I had to remind myself that I live down here now, and I had to pack for the convention from here.

Distressed and disheveled

Ah, yes, the final countdown. I'm on my way back to the Cities in a scant few minutes. The truck is gassed up, my cubicle is clean, all my source code and documentation is checked in.


It's only for a week. Then it's back to the grind.