July 14th, 2004


massage table

I've been thinking about buying a massage table for a while. After picking up ez2beve's a few weeks ago and realizing how light it actually was, I started looking into them. (I was thinking of building one, but for the prices that I'm seeing, it's just not worth it.)
I think I finally found one that I like-- it's not too expensive, it has a vinyl cover instead of a cloth one (much easier to clean), 3" of foam, an adjustable headrest, and some additional accessories. And it's lightweight (33 lbs with everything) and durable (dynamic load of over 500 lbs). And I can get reiki legs for it; they will allow you to put your knees under the head and feet of the table so you can use a chair if you want.

Then again, I'm not giving a lot of massages down here.

I really should consider it, as I'm out of practice, and I need to get the strength and stamina back in my arms and hands. The last massage I did, I really felt it the next day.

Ideally, I'd like to find someone else intersted in massage who will do exchanges, share techniques, and just generally explore new styles.

Hmm... that gives me an idea.

(no subject)

A walk to the grocery store and back takes me just under an hour. I'm using it as an alternative to riding the bike to provide some variety in the workout.
And I get my grocery shopping done at the same time.

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As much as I bitch about work, there are some good things:

I have learned a great deal about several aspects of programming, including more experience with OOD & OOA.
I've learned how and when to use static_cast<> and reinterpret_cast<>.
I've learned how to make polyinstance objects transparent to the user.