July 18th, 2004


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The \\
Last Cigarette:1985 or so
Last Alcoholic Drink:Margaritas this weekend
Last Car Ride:Minneapolis to Des Moines, finished about 30 min. ago
Last Kiss:This afternoon
Last Good Cry:A couple of weeks ago
Last Library Book:Don't remember
Last book bought:Not sure, but it was a fiction paperback.
Last Book Read:Currently reading Blood Omen
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Harry Potter, Azkaban
Last Movie Rented:Don't remember, it's been several months
Last Cuss Word Uttered:Pusfuck
Last Beverage Drank:Diet Coke
Last Food Consumed:Lean Pockets
Last Crush:This weekend
Last Phone Call:Monte
Last TV Show Watched:The Buried Secret of M. Night Shamalayan
Last Time Showered:This morning
Last Shoes Worn:White Nike
Last CD Played:Nine Inch Nails
Last Item Bought:Subway
Last Download:Probably a movie trailer
Last Annoyance:Asking a certain person for a favor and having her tell me to do it myself.
Last Disappointment:Finding out that the lovely elm tree in the back yard at home is marked for death
Last Soda Drank:Diet Coke
Last Thing Written:Diet Coke (or a livejournal entry or a screenplay)
Last Key Used:) or front door key
Last Words Spoken:I love my dog
Last Sleep:last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Couple weeks ago
Last Chair Sat In:Driver's seat, or the couch
Last Webpage Visited:http://www.livejournal.com/users/chebutykin/358952.html?#cutid1

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Weekend update

Drove up to Minneapolis. Got a late start, and got held up in Traffic, so I ended up going over to Rocky & Teresa's just in time to catch the last 15 minutes of Stargate Atlantis. Then home.
Counseling appointment in the morning, quick lunch, then a trip to Menards to get roofing materials. Road construction mad that a royal pain in the ass, so I didn't get home until 2:00.
Cut new support posts from PVC pipe to hold up the canopy, and then started the installation of the EPDM membrane roof.
This would have been a good two-person job. I ended up doing it myself, which ended up just taking longer. Probably 3-4 hours. Now my roof has a condom. :)
Then a phone call with an invite to go to Alleygators for bowling with a bunch of friends, who also include some very hot babes. Not being one to shy away from a challenge, I went. Bowled a 101, which is pretty good for me. Imbibed a little tequila, flirted with hot babes, laughed a lot. Then over to Tony & Kristi's for more drinking and debauchery, and a few hilarious hours of "Are You A Werewolf".
Eventually I drove back to the house-- sometime around 4:30.
Lunch with barda which was quite nice except for a phone call from Barb about the elm tree (diseased, we have 20 days to have it cut down and hauled away), and then over to windelina and Monte's to look at some possible repair work.
Then a quick detour back home to pick up the laptop, which led to a bit of nastiness with Barb.
Then the road.