July 29th, 2004


State quiz

You're Oregon!

When people talk about peace in the valley, they often think of you.
After all, you've inspired countless people to traverse rough terrain in search of you
and even think about you when playing popular computer games. Are you really up to all
the hype or are you all wet? You take shelter from the storm beneath trees, felled by
either loggers or beavers. If you were a shade of pink, it would be salmon.

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I like Oregon.

reduce reuse recycle

Office Depot Stores Offer "Green" Alternative for Unwanted Personal Electronic Equipment

July 28 - John Deere employees throughout the United States have a new option for recycling their personal electronic and office equipment - and it's free.

All Office Depot stores in the continental United States will be accepting all brands of unwanted information technology and digital entertainment products, including computers, mice, printers, scanners, handhelds, digital cameras, fax machines, desktop copiers, flat panel displays, monitors, televisions (27" or smaller), TV/VCR combos and cell phones, now through Sept. 6.

All collected equipment will be recycled by electronics manufacturer Hewlett Packard (HP), at its U.S. recycling facilities in Roseville, Calif., and near Nashville, Tenn. The program is a joint effort between Office Depot and HP, as part of the latter's Planet Partners recycling service.

Electronic products like the ones being collected often contain hazardous and toxic materials, like lead solder, nickel-cadmium batteries, or circuit boards that contain zinc, chromium and nickel. These materials pose environmental risks if they are landfilled or incinerated. In addition, the recycling process also conserves energy and raw materials by allowing product components, such as metals and plastics, to be reclaimed and used in other products.

Full program details, as well as in-store drop-off instructions and locations of 835 Office Depot stores are available at the company's Web site.