August 5th, 2004


Jeez Louise

Had an eye exam today. Because of the diabetes, I had to have a retinopathy test, which is the thing where they dilate your pupils with the eyedrops. Now everything is very bright, and I can't read the computer screen very well.

The good news is that my eyes are in really good shape. My prescription has barely changed, and I have no anomalies.
The bad news... well, I have diabetes. That pretty much assures that I will have problems eventually. I have now had two doctors tell me that I need to get a job at someplace that has a group health plan with group disability coverage.
Yeah. Tell me something I didn't know.

Picked up come CD's. Breaking Benjamin is pretty damn cool. Others that I haven't listened to yet:
Funeral for a Friend (casually dressed and deep in conversation)
Lacuna Coil (unleashed memories)
The Punisher soundtrack (not score, piedpiper70) :)
Cinema Beer Buddy, punk rock video compilation (with Jimmy Eat World, The Ataris, AFI and tons more)
And SQUEE'S Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors.
And I bought a necklace. With a skull on it.