August 11th, 2004



So this morning I realized that I had double packed underwear, but forgot socks.

Went to Menards today and spent the most I have ever spent there at one time. All of their building materials were on sale, and I bought everything I could think of for the shed. And because of my meticulous attention to detail, I had a pretty good idea of exactly what that was.

I had to rent the Menards truck. The truck has a 1500 pound payload limit. I had to make two trips. Yes, that means that today I loaded and unloaded somewhere around a ton and a half of building materials. Most of it is wood. Very heavy wood.

I'm not worried about missing my workout this week.

I did manage to get to Target about 5 minutes before they closed and bought socks, so I am now sockful for the week.

And now I must determine whether a phone line problem is internal or external before I collapse into a litle puddle of exhausted goo.