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August 17th, 2004

Back in Iowa. Finally got here at 4:00 in the A.M. due to a miscalculation of the number of days it actually takes to build a sheddite. 45 minutes of unwinding, and I'm about off to bed-- supposed to be up at 7:00, which seems unlikely at this point.

Will post more later when I can actually move again.

So much to do, so little time

It's all kind of a blur now.

Tuesday nightCollapse )
WednesdayCollapse )
ThursdayCollapse )
FridayCollapse )
SaturdayCollapse )
SundayCollapse )
MondayCollapse )

And I made it in to work this morning at about 11:00. Go me. Now I must get caught up.

Ow ow ow ow

So I'm pretty much in pain today. Five days of construction work for the unused-to-it body. Mostly my hands feel like I'm typing with polish sausages, and my legs make me walk like a cross between Popeye and that weird guy on the bus that talks to himself.

Dream last night/this morning that I was being "talked to" by my "boss" (note that the boss wasn't anybody that I actually work for, but someone I used to work with in a different company, and the "stern talking to" was completely against his style). I was getting chewed out because my performance was not up to expectations, and although I was angry at getting this lecture, I was also not blowing my temper-- even though what I was being told was absolutely outrageous.

Woke up from that dream feeling really crappy.

Could be that I was chastizing myself for not being in to work on time, or for missing so badly on the schedule I had for the shed, or for any one of a number of things. Or it could be that I have been neglecting the hippy side of myself and becoming too absorbed in corporazi.

Whatever the cause, I really have no need to be yelling at myself. I have enough stress to deal with without creating any additional.

Funny note: this morning I had parked in a different place than I normally do, and when I went to get in the truck, I noticed some plants peeking up over the top of the fence that divides the parking lot from the freeway. I was noticing how much they looked like those plants that look like marijuana plants that they used in movies, but marveled at how much more these looked like actual marijuana plants... then it hit me.

Yep. Highway hemp. About 9 feet tall from what I can guess. I am amused.

Not flowering yet. I wonder how long they will last before they are "harvested".

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