August 30th, 2004


Tell me why I don't like Mondays

Oy. There's nothing like coming in to work and finding your entire department abandoned.

I forgot that this week there is a big agricultural show, and the employees are there. And Dubya should be there too, making an appearance to try and swing votes his way.

I do wish I could work up more of a fervor for politics, but my heart just isn't in it this election. It's like a choice between Eggshell and Ecru.

It looks like I might be able to "gel" an end date (or at least an end month) for this project, instead of being open-ended as it has been.

Rancid Radishes

It would seem to me that the time to determine whetehr or not you are going to authorize payment of contractors beyond the end of the fiscal year would be prior to the end of the fiscal year. Which is tomorrow.


Isn't this a fine kettle of pickled fish.

As of this moment, I don't know whether I will have a job after tomorrow.

Most likely I will, and it will go through mid-December. Beyond that, who knows.

I am scheduled to work through mid-May, just not to be paid for it.

I'm certainly a little squidgy right now. Does not make for good concentraty-stuff.