September 17th, 2004


Anime Iowa

So I got a call yesterday from onecheshire, that she and the hubby were going to be in DM for the Anime Iowa convention.

I met them at the Hotel Fort Des Moines, and we went over to the Racoon River restaurant for dinner, which was lovely. I had to leave right after dinner to get back home and do laundry and pack, so I didn't get to spend whopping amounts of time, but it was nice seeing a familiar face.

And I am still caught off-guard by women with cat ears.

Onecheshire told me that I should stick around because tomorrow the hotel would be full of young women all dressed up as Sailor Moon.

Bear in mind that the demographics of the convention are primarily in the 16-22 range. And having a bunch of young (some underage) geek women in cat ears and short skirts would be very very bad for me, lecherous old fart that I am.

And of course I will be missing ICON as well, because I will be back in Minneapolis working on the house.


Short skirts and cat ears will be my downfall.

(no subject)

Got gassed up over lunch. Got Diet Coked up, too. I never did get the plastic storage bins, but I can pick those up on the way or wait until tomorrow if I need to. I think 'Nards has a better selection of 'em anyway.


Plural would be detriti? Can there be a plural?

The *stuff* of life.

I shudder to think of what is down there, in the deep dark basement. There could be entire miniature civilizations that have come and gone. There could be unknown treasures, playthings of an earlier age, or just boxes of crap.

I'm betting on boxes of crap.