September 21st, 2004


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So I thought up this costume that I wanted to do for Convergence this year.


The costume really isn't all that complex, but there would be some gotchas. Since I have some experience with prosthetic makeup, I feel comfortable that I could do that part of it just fine.

The difficult part would be sewing the bodysuit. That isn't something for the faint-hearted, and my sewing skillz aren't exactly mad. And doing the preliminary sculpture... well, I'd have to do a body cast of myself first, and that's not exactly a one-person project.
Plus, my body isn't exactly stable. And I doubt if I will be in the shape that I would need to be in to pull off HB before the convention.

And you know that somebody will be doing Hellboy.

It's just gonna have to wait. Until then I think I shall amuse myself making zombies and other nifty horror toys.

Speaking of which...

I've been getting my two-part urethane from IASCO in one-quart kits (one quart each A & B). That's fine for prototyping, but when I want to get into larger quantities or larger scale products, I really want to get some larger kits.
It seems to me that I have seen pressurized insulation kits that have a two-part mix that mixes properly in a spray nozzle, and that would actually work really well for my needs. Anybody know what I'm talking about or where I can get such a thing? Or just in general where I can get A/B urethane foam (both hard and flexible, and preferably CFC-free) in larger quantities, like 5 gallons?


Never mind. :)

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In an effort to keep cool, I have one rather ebullient fan blowing on me while I'm riding the bike, which helps a lot. But since I live alone and I really don't feel like sweating in my clothes, I have taken to riding the exercise bike naked. Wearing tennis shoes.
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