October 4th, 2004



I am like a junkie who has had my fix.

Today at least, I am relaxed and at peace. Much more so that I was last week anyway.

The hot tub at the apartment was not operational. They hadn't closed it, but they shut off the heater and all the pumps, evidently to do some sort of drain maintenance in the surrounding area.

Of course, they didn't drain the tub. So now they have little blooms of algae forming like freckles all over the walls and floor.

They are going to have such problems with that system.

Barb called last night. Evidently the house water filter had spontaneously sprung a leak. I had originally installed the filter when we bought the house and I had to replace the plumbing, so it was about ten years old. I had to talk her through getting a new filter housing and installing it. And it appears to have been a success, though it was touch and go for a while. And the main water shutoff valve has developed a leak as well-- on the street side of the meter. I need to look at that when I go up this weekend.

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Call for help...

It is very possible that this coming week of the 10th-16th, I will be needing a buttload of help doing everything from carpentry and construction to cleaning, vaccuuming, and laundry.

There are mammal-pets in the house, so if you have allergies you should probably not do the inside work. Also, the house is in critical-mass dirt level, so it's good to consider clothes that can be laundered (or possibly burned) later.

I'm not entirely sure yet what help may be needed, but everything has become critical. And if you have a lawnmower or weed-whacker, that would be much helpful as well.

Unreal Tournament

Latest work boink:

The schedule is slipping.

For those of you in development, this is an inevitable occurrence when the schedule is originally developed without proper consideration and detail. Things crop up, estimates are given with short times to look good, etc. etc.

Well, upper management depends on these schedules to plan releases and shows and projections. And when they slip, they get nervous, and nervous upper management has a tendency to lean on the lower management.

In this case, it's Program Management.

So Program Management has a new solution. Rather than have the project managers do the schedules based on the knowledge of who is working on what pieces of the puzzle, what their individual strengths are, and actual useful information, the Program Managers will take charge of the schedule and assign people as they see fit.
So now, if your own personal schedule is slipping what the PM's have dictated, you can expect a visit from them wondering why you aren't working to their expected capacity.

Oddly, I take umbrage to this.

Case in point: during a review of a user interface element (actually the first user interface element), I defined the need for the development of a test-bed friendly stub for a part of the GUI code. Because the test strategy is fixed for the company and never had UI code taken into account, the test bed does not currently work with user/actor activations.
This piece will take some time to develop. It will take a person to develop it. Those things are currently not on the schedule, as nobody (other than me) had recognized the need for such a piece. Because of this, they either have to hire somebody to do it, or extend the schedule to allow for somebody existing to do it.
Or do something stupid like ask why nobody had recognized the need for it before now.

Seeing as one of the edicts for the company is to try and retain current employees and contractors, this seems like it could be a really counterproductive thing to do. Because I know that it doesn't take a whole lot of visits by the PM asking me why I am behind his schedule to make me very open to new opportunities elsewhere. And oddly, I'm quite key...

I dunno. Maybe it will be interesting. Perhaps if I have a PM coming down on me for not being on schedule, he will actually listen when I tell him exactly why I'm behind schedule. Because management is so often open to suggestions...

Stress levels rising...

Yeah, it couldn't last, could it?

All that relaxation gone in just one day. Everything is an emergency. Everything needs to be done rightfuckingnow.

Screw it. I am not taking any more meetings this week. No more reviews. No more "Hey, you got a minute" questions. No, I don't have a minute actually. I will have a minute sometime in November.


Stomping in the brain mold, my head is full of jelly. Too many stuff flipping the cascade and interrogatives lead only down. Catalepsy, dogalepsy, effervescence in the terminal broom respond.

Depravity abundant, coerce my tiny snail into freeing the vestiges of youth along the narrow roadway.

Flames flicker dimly in the distance, souls entwined and layers kept. Freezing of substance.

Rancid notes entwine, save Rasputin for another day. Deftly linger, like a sponge dawdling infinitesimally along the banks, to frost and yet gently rescind.
Taste of bitterness upon my tongue.

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