October 6th, 2004


Death and the Maiden

Rodney Dangerfield is dead.
Janet Leigh is dead.

I didn't know either of them. Nothing beyond what I have seen in TV and movies. Still, I am saddened. They both touched my life in different ways, helping to form me into who I am today.

I blame the dead.

Rest in peace guys.

Audacity Express

<lj-cut text="I cannot believe the audacity...> I've talked about my friend Rakesh, who has been treated very badly by the folks at this company. Originally, they told him that his contract would be finished as of October 1st. Understandably upset, I encouraged him to start searching for another job, which he did. And he found a job, which he will be starting on the 18th. He put in his notice on the 1st, and will be leaving on the 15th. Well, the company here decided that they really needed somebody to work on a critical piece of code, so they extended his contract out to the 28th of October. Now they are telling him that he can't leave until this task is done. I've never even imagined that it was possible for a company to have such little disregard for the employees and contractors. I have reminded Rakesh that he is not a slave, and that he should show them the exact level of loyalty that they showed him. This place is unreal. </lj-cut>


Sorry, this went out before I was done.

This came from rosered32, and I almost didn't post it for fear it would be considered "trolling".

I think it's interesting though. It asks some kind of disturbing questions. Or that I find disturbing anyway.

So take it as it is meant. Not trolling, not looking.

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