November 3rd, 2004



Huh. Apparently I pissed off the manager of embedded engineering. I created a class to encapsulate the new data type that was to be used globally on the system because there wasn't one actually defined anywhere, and I needed to have one to actually do my work.
Well, apparently I crossed political boundaries, and I did work that crossed into another team's domain.
I'm such a bad boy.


I told him that I didn't see it as an issue, and that if I need to create something that doesn't exist that is a part of another team's domain, I will create it regardless of the political ramifications.

I didn't use the phrase "bite my ass". That's diplomacy.

A man, a plan, a canal...

I have seen many folks that want to take action, but don't know what to do. They don't have a plan.

I have a suggestion.

I want to make movies. Simple, short messages, like has been doing. COmpelling messages, speaking to the heart of what we feel.

I have the technology to do this.

What I don't have is the writings of all of you folks that have things that you want to say.

So here's the suggestion: write a small, short movie script, no more than three minutes long. Write more than one if you want to. Make it catchy and compelling.

If it works, let's shoot it and make it widely available on the web.

We do enough of these over the next four years, I have to think it can and will have an impact.

Proposed Rules of Engagement

For the videos:

If you are using factual data, back it up. Citations, folks.

Opinions are fine as long as they are presented as opinions.

No death threats.

No spouting "Bush Sucks" for three minutes. Sorry saveau.

Work to the top of your intelligence.

If you plan to use music or video from other sources, get clearances first.

If you have specific locations in mind, make sure they are available.

If you have special effects in mind, consider what they may cost.

I'm sure there will be more. Anybody have suggestions?