November 17th, 2004



How much money would you need to:

Stop worrying about money
I don't know that I'd ever stop. But for one lump sum, say $2.5 million after taxes.)

Quit a job you didn't like

Retire at whatever age you are
I'll say a cool mil. After taxes, of course.

Feel rich
Over 2 million.

Feel really rich
Over $100 million.

Set up your own philanthropic organization
Critical mass. Somewhwere between $10-100 million.

(no subject)

The exercise room at the apartment is now open. I went tonight in lieu of riding or walking.
It's been a long time since I've worked out in a weight room. I can tell. But my strength is still there.

I can barely move my arms right now. ANd I have discovered that I really need to work my quads. But the happy thing is that there is a crunch/abs and back machine that I am really happy with. I need to work my lower back and abs, and with a wonky back, it's a tough thing to do. This machine forces a form that I can work with.

I think I'll be there quite a bit this winter. :)