November 30th, 2004



Dorky has tested positive for Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

The good news is that his organ function and blood tests are normal. The bad news is that it's a fatal disease.

The vet is keeping him for a few more weeks and giving him antibiotics. After that, he may get to come home.


I think I may be getting a cold. Or a sinus infection. Molto sneezums this morning, and I was lucky enough to have a couple of decongestants left at work, or I'd be mucousing all over the place.

So right now I'm operating at less than optimum efficiency. I'd really rather be in a nice soft dark warm cubicle, rather than the hard, brightly-lit veal-pen that I'm in.

I'd truly like to be all deep and contemplative, but my contemplation organ is feeling a little under the weather today, so you get a break from all my angsty goodness.

The snow from yesterday is gone. There was frost, and a reminder that I need to get a winshield scraper/brush since I left mine up in Minneapolis like a dork.

Okay, one little bit of angstiness:
This morning I woke up to my clock radio saying to me "when she stops loving you, it's over. There's nothing you can do to fix it". Full of gravitas. Mancow in a serious moment.

And in that half-awake highly suggestive state, I knew that it was true, that She really didn't love me anymore, and that I needed to just give up and move on.
Then I woke up completely and thought "wait a minute, something is wrong here...".

The weirdness of it was that the woman who had stopped loving me in my imagination was a composite of a number of women in my life. I don't know if this composite-woman was someone who I had been dreaming about, or some sort of Jungian archetype that was invoked by the words from the clock radio, but the analytical part of me finds it interesting that I would create the "perfect" woman out of components of women friends. Kind of Frankensteinish.

She was cute, too.

Is it meaningful? Hell, I don't know. I think it might be in a very abstract way. The things that I find attractive in my women friends are the things that I want in the perfect woman, but that's not really news then, is it?
Then that whole perfect woman concept is a myth.

It takes several women to be perfect.