December 27th, 2004


Fear my buying power!

Paid bills tonight-- three hours worth of collecting, entering in the spreadsheet, writing checks, and licking envelopes, but I am now caught up on all but one payment, and that will go out tomorrow. And I even have a little money left over!

Take the quiz: "What do you love about making love?"

You are a lover of love. You love to love and be loved. You are perhaps a hopeless romantic but those are rare nowadays. Think of it as a gift. Whether you are saving yourself for that special someone or you have already found him or her. You are part of an almost extinct species of human. The kind that believe in true love... Because love is truly beautiful!

But I wanted lust! And affection! And attention!

I like the picture though. It does rock.



An autodidactic challenge.

Write the sexiest one-line piece of fiction/nonfiction description of a sex act. Leave yours in my comment area, and repost it in your own journal, along with these instructions.

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