January 12th, 2005


Nicht zu schlafen

I think I might have actually slept through the night last night. At
least I don't remember getting up for anything.

My plan to do some writing last night was thwarted (thwarted I say!) by
the SciFi channel's decision to play the Battlestar Galactica
miniseries before the debut of the series on Friday. Since I missed it
the first time 'round, I needed to watch.
This will probably suck the life out of the rest of the week as well.
Really interesting use of silence-- it makes some stuff feel really big.

It looks like I will be directing the live-action Bagdude. It will feel really good
to be doing something again after an Iowan hiatus (which has a lot in
common with a minimum-security jail sentence). And I'll even have some
time to prep.

For all of you fabric hounds out there: I'm looking for a source for 120
inch wide (or wider) polyester or nylon (or other man-made) fabric,
white and translucent. Light and thin is perfect, but I need to be able
to sew hems and likely put grommets in it. It would also be nice if I
could get black/opaque and gray, but I'm more hep with the
white/translucent. No, it's not for costumes.

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