January 16th, 2005


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LJ being down made me go through withdrawals. Happy it's back up, weird that all the backups failed.

Being in withdrawals, I had to do other things.

I got gas.
I got more DVDs.
I got a new car battery.
I bought an MIG-ready arc welder.
I took the driver's seat out of the explorer.

The last two are related. The seat in the explorer has been rather uncomfortable for a while, leaning back much too far. I understand why-- my mooselike frame was simply too much for it with the repeated stresses of getting in and out and squirming around. I was pertty sure that it was broken somewhere, and the arc welder was something that I was getting anyway, so it was timely.

And I was right. The frame is broken on the bottom. It's also bent and twisted, and fixing it will be a mondo bitcheroo. I was able to take the electric adjustment frame off and mostly bend that back into place (the mounts are aluminum), and I was able to bend the steel seat frame mostly back into place. I'll try and weld it back tomorrow and add some reinforcement. It's basically too late to do anything tonight. I also have another easy thing I want to try and weld, so we'll see how that works.

The car battery took me about 20 minutes to change out, mostly because it was cold and all of the bolts were tight. But the 'Sploder is much happier now. Getting the seat out took a little over an hour because of the way that the seat belt bracket was attached. And it was cold.

I also have some nifty studio fluorescent lighting raw materials coming, probably for next week. And three more C+ stands.

And I made a skin texture rubber stamp for texturing clay sculptures.

I guess it's been a busy day.
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Compare yourself to people who are more skillful, talented or attractive than you are. Then give yourself a hard time for not being good enough. Base your self-worth on all your deficiencies. If you find that you are gifted in any area, tell yourself that it doesn't count, because there are so many other areas where you don't measure up.

Woke up in the fecal position, my memory wiped. It was shitty.

Dammit, I'm sick now. Starting that whole fevery thing, as well as some intestinal disturbances. Going to bed.