January 24th, 2005



Vampires of the night.

Silly when I think about it, I mean when else would vampires be up and about? You don't find many day vampires unless you count corporate management and that's just boring.

Events of the weekend rekindled an old movie idea for me. Nothing to do with vampires, it's a very indie-feel little thing about relationships. It's one I've had in mind for a very long time, and it's evolved as I've evolved. It's not a horror story, there aren't any zombies or ghosts or werewolves or anything like that, though there is a lawyer.

I don't know whether it's a movie that I should try to make. It's a good story, but it's not great. It would be relatively easy to shoot, but it wouldn't have huge impact anywhere. And it would take some seriously good acting performances to pull off. And it doesn't have any special effects.


Back to bed now.

Truck... Rhymes with [deleted]

Well, my pulley-fix lasted about a quarter of a mile, but it was enough
to get me to Auto Zone to get a replacement tensioner assembly. Which is
a damn fine thing, because the tensioner arm is hosed, too.
What this means is that currently the things that are driven by the fan
belt aren't working. Things like the alternator, the power steering and
power brakes, the air pump, the A/C compressor, the fan-- little things
like that.
Gonna try and fix it over lunch.

woefully whipping wicked weasels while waiting with winter's wanton women

I am once again the master of my vehicle. It only took 50 minutes to
replace the tensioner, about 30 minutes of which was trying to get a
freaking bolt back into place. Ideally, you are supposed to take the fan
off to get to the tensioner, but to get the fan off you need to remove
the fan clutch from the water pump, and that requires some specialized
tools which I just didn't have. So I did a lot of cursing and gnashing
of fingers, and removing of some other pieces that were in the way (Mass
Air Sensor and housing) and finally I got the bitch back together. And
the truck started and ran, and it ran even better once I remembered to
hook the MAS back up. Much quieter, too. Disaster apparently averted.
Figure I saved myself at least a hundred bucks in labor, not to mention
lost work time.
Thankfully it was about 40 degrees and sunny, which made it possible for
me to work in shirt sleeves. Tight spaces and big arms don't mix.

Tonight there shall be the Pimping of the Loins (it sounds so much more
racy than "working out in the gym") and first run at Bagdude.
Bill paying needs to happen this week somewhere, and (craphelldamn) I
forgot to collect the bills and bring them back here. I was a little
distracted is all.

Haven't been to the gym for over a week because of the flood and the
aftermath. I'm guessing I'll be a little rusty, so I'll drop back to my
previous weight range. And I have to hook the PS2/TV/DVD/sound system
back up and do some other cleanup from the flood-- I really need to wash
dishes and generally clean the kitchen.

Lights-- I hooked up a couple last night and am very happy. I started
doing some CAD work on the design of the fixtures themselves, and a some
point I need to hit 'Nards or Home Despot to see if they have 1" square
aluminum tubing. I think they do, but I can't remember offhand.

Feeling oddly groovy today.