January 29th, 2005


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Take the quiz: "Which Random Irish Gaelic Phrase Are You? "

Teastaioinn cineal uaim
Teastaioinn cineal uaim - 'I want sex.'Horny little bugger, aren't you? You enjoy porn and being naked. Hell, you're probably naked right now. Both hands on the keyboard, you pervert!

Your Character
Rob, age 42, is an imaginative, and sometimes dark, artist who knows him/herself very well. Whether Rob likes him/herself is another story. Originally from Anacondaville, Arkansas, Rob now lives in Des Moines, IA he is a whore and holds a job as a Porn star. Rob is divorced and has no children. He's unbelievably sexy.

As a child, Rob never identified with or found much in common with either parent. As a result, Rob had to look internally for an identity. There's a whole world in there that few people see. This leaves a perfect opportunity for a love interest to find something intriguing and to bring that something out into the world. Rob's flaw is that he/she believes that to continue this flow of self-discovery he/she has to increase who he/she is, including any dark side, offering an opportunity for mistakes and learning. He desires to be a famous filmmaker.


And Smurfs: the lost episode (NWS)
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It's Saturday, and I'm at work

We're getting close enough to end-of-project that management has decided
to authorize "overtime" to try and get closer to delivery schedule. And
since my piece is key, I am being encouraged to deliver quiclkly.

I actually expected this much earlier.

The upside is that there is nobody else here, and I am relatively free
of distractions, which means I can actually get some stuff done. It's
fairly relaxed, and though it's not stress-free, it's calmer.

I'd rather be doing something else. Probably something involving naked
college girls. But since that's not an option, I can burn a day down and
get stuff done.


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She's so ugly that it gets dark
when she looks into the sky
Then the light is frightened
It shines into her face from below
So she must hide during the day
She just doesn't want to scare the light
She lives in the shadows until the glow fades
She sees a star shining in the twilight and pleads
Paint beauty onto my cheeks

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the visage of mine
Cast a warm light
onto my frightening face
Tell me I'm not alone
Ugly, you are ugly

I went alone in the night
The late birds no longer sang
I saw children of the sun in the throng so
I cried into the starry heavens

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the beloved of mine
Cast a warm light
onto her frightening face
Tell her she's not alone

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the soul of mine
Cast a warm light
onto a heart that's breaking
Tell her that I'm crying
Because you, you are ugly
You are simply ugly
Humans are just creatures of the eye
Beautiful things are what I want
But you, you aren't beautiful, no

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the beloved of mine
Cast a warm light
onto her frightening face
Tell her she's not alone

And the star wants to shine
onto the beloved of mine
It warms my breast and shakes
where life beats
To see with the heart
she is simply beautiful

(Translated from Rammstein, Morgenstern (Morningstar) from "Reise,
Reise" 2004)

Random numerology

1. Take your LJ username and replace each letter with the
corresponding number in the alphabet.
2. Add all of the numbers together to create a kind of super number.
3. Add the digits of the number together.
4. Find the post (back) of your super number in your LJ. If you don't
have that many posts, add the digits together again.
5. Take the digit you noted in step 3 and count that many words into the
6. Use the resulting word in a google image search, and select a picture
from the first page and post the results.

(handly little table to make this easy)
A... 1
B... 2
C... 3
D... 4
E... 5
F... 6
G... 7
H... 8
i... 9
J.. 10
K.. 11
L.. 12
M.. 13
N.. 14
O.. 15
P.. 16
Q.. 17
R.. 18
S.. 19
T.. 20
U.. 21
V.. 22
W.. 23
X.. 24
Y.. 25
Z.. 26

M 13
A 1
G 7
I 9
C 3
M 13
A 1
R 18
M 13
O 15
T 20

1+1+3 = 5


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Crappy day at work today. Hours and hours of frustration, and by the time 6:00 rolled around I was heated. I had planned on leaving by 4:00, but was just stuck in fixing somebody else's "completed" code.

Backstory here: the other teams are doing this thing where they say their modules are "code complete", without ever saying what this means. To me, code isn't complete until it's passed unit test, but I think they're fudging the whole testing concept, as evidenced by the code that I had to fix today. Not only would this code not have passed unit test, it would not even compile. It took me two hours to trace everything down and get it corrected, only to provide me with an exception (uninitialized pointer) error.
I gave up.
I still have a buttload of tests to write, but I'll be damned if I'm going to burn tomorrow to do them. They can wait.

This ended up making me kinda cranky. I was at a toss-up about going to the gym because I wasn't feeling really good at all, just tired and pissed. I had stopped at the grocery store to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies that I've been sorely missing, and they had nectarines! So I ate a nectarine, and a little while later felt at least worth going to the gym.

It was a good decision. Almost two hours later, I walked out the door. Hard work. I bumped the weight and reps up and added bicep and tricep curls to the upper-body cycle. I'm less cranky now.

The downside is that now I'm horny.

I'm a little weirded out by the ability of exercise to turn one kind of frustration into another. It's probably mindset-- exercising is focusing on my body, improving it, getting circulation into areas that have been somewhat starved for a while (I did somewhere around 500 reps on the thigh machine at 60 lbs after doing 4 sets of 25 at 100 lbs. My ass is as tight as a 55-gallon drum).

I am not going to a strip club. As much as I want to, I'm not. I'm staying home tonight. I'd much rather be out with friends and a bunch of pretty girls, but it's just not an option.

Ah, hell.
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