February 12th, 2005


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Welded up the steel truck frame. 1-1/2" steel angle welded to 2" steel C-channel, 36 inches long. I need to cut the trucks to length, but the welding was the hard part. The rest is easy, though tedious.
My welding is getting better. The fact that I was welding thicker steel this time helped, I'm sure-- but the welds made it through the steel about halfway which is perfect. Not perfect welds by a long shot, but better.

Bryan has had some car problems that are rather nasty, so he's delayed until het gets them fixed. I went grocery shopping in the meantime, and in the old adage about never go grocery shopping while you're hungry, I decided to eat a burger in the cafeteria at the grocery store.
I also broght along a book to read: Story by Robert McKee. It's about the higher concepts of storytelling in film media. Ironically, it's a difficult read, and tends to make me feel like I an a total doofus when it comes to telling a damn story. On the other hand, I think it stands a good chance of driving me to improve the stuff that I have already written.

Sleepy now. May nap. After I put away the groceries.

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Double-bladed pink lightsaber-- of course I'm on the dark side.

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Wow... good company. Gotta try this one again:
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Hmm... I don't feel so trendy.