February 22nd, 2005


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Had a dream last night where I got to sit and talk with Milla Jovovich--
or the three sisters who play her in movies. It seemed more like an
interview setting in a mall somewhere. Afterwards, it switched to a
single Milla, who was in love with me.

I woke up happy.

No analysis on this one. Allow me the occasional fantasy.

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Amazon decided for some odd reason to ship my order signature required. Which meant that they tried to redeliver it twice before they would release it to the office... but I got it tonight.


Haujobb - Polarity (in the CD player now)
Massiv in Mensch - Belastende Material and Menschdefekt
Front Line Assembly - Hardwired
Ayria - Debris

And the DVDs:

Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Tod Browning's Freaks

I am oddly happy right now.


written and directed by the same guy who did Lost Skeleton.

And too bad I won't have anything ready...

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February 22: FX team set for SILENT HILL

Makeup artist Paul Jones, currently nominated for a Saturn Award for his work on RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE, just gave Fango the heads-up that he’s handling the grisly FX work on another feature based on a popular horror video game: Christopher (BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF) Gans’ soon-to-roll SILENT HILL. Patrick Tatopoulos, who’s been all over the place lately with work on THE CAVE, UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION and BACKWATER, is creating the film’s creatures, with Jones and his team handling the bodies and gore and likely handling on-set application for Tatopoulos. Scripted by Roger (PULP FICTION) Avary, SILENT HILL rolls in Toronto in April. —Michael Gingold
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