February 25th, 2005


Camera accessories

For filmmaking accessories (matte boxes, boom poles, follow focus,
director's viewfinders, etc.)


Their prices are actually quite a bit cheaper than the normal stuff,
like in the 25-30% less range. And from everything that I've heard, they
are all about quality and customer service.

Ding-dang-doodle, gotta give this a try.

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Your close friends or associates might unexpectedly change their minds, which can be the source of a minor upset for you. Perhaps you've put too much emphasis on them and this is a wake-up call to redirect your attention. Be careful how you respond, for you'll tend to overreact at this time. Your satisfaction now depends upon your ability to create harmony, not destroy it.

The storm clouds are gathering and you know that something big is on the way. There is little that you can do to stop the energy from going through its motions. In fact, if you can get past your own fear of change, this period can be enlightening. Your feelings widen and deepen, which impacts your close personal relationships.