March 2nd, 2005


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Awake at 4:33 AM once again. Far too often to be purely coincidental.

Staying home from work today. Coughing, headache, tough to sleep, and exhausted.

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Just got out of bed, a little after noon. Definitely under the weather, but better after nigh unto 12 hours of sleep. Headache that is only partially subdued by ibuprofen and horse pills of pseudoephedrine.
At least I feel like eating a little.

I think today will be filled with watching bad movies and napping.

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self cleaning my ass...

Organized my icon folder on the laptop, and made some new icons. Put the ozonator on the furnace feed, which has made a significant difference in my ability to breathe, though my ears are a bit clogged.
Napped from 2-6. Took a buttload of vitamin C. Cleaned the oven, or rather pushed the clean button, which starts a three-and-a-half hour cycle of self-cleaning. Or more to the point-- self-burning.

Still feeling a little weak.