March 15th, 2005


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You remember that feature that I rejected because it wasn't required? I was asked today if we could have it in by Monday. While I didn't exactly say no, I did explain that it wasn't likely because it affected a considerable number of modules and there were more pressing problems that needed to be solved.

I was told that this may become an "issue".

Know what? It's not an "issue" for me. You did not require this feature. I have explained the reasons why it was not included, and they are very good reasons. If you want to request a new feature, there is a process for that very thing. It will not be in the Monday handoff.

"Issue" my ass.
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Well, hell.

Just when I was looking forward to a relaxing night at home watching bad movies, I put in The Screaming Dead, from the friendly folks at Shock-o-Rama.

You have to understand, I really like this kind of movie. Extraordinarily low budgets, hot naked girls, gory special effects (actually quite well done), and a bunch of people having a blast.

It's all the brainchild of ei Cinema. A low-budget indie moviemaking group, who are doing it for a living, and making it. And I'll be dipped if it isn't really giving me a whole bunch of wanna-do-it-ness.

The Screaming Dead isn't a great movie. It's very much a B movie. But it's watchable, and even enjoyable, and well within the realm of what the people I know can achieve. And the market is growing.

Hyped now. Dammit.
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France Modern (trois fleurs-de-lis)
You are 'French'. In the nineteenth century, it
was the international language of diplomacy.
It is a 'beautiful' language, meaning that it
is really just a low-fidelity copy of Latin.

You know the importance of communicating
'diplomatically', which for you means both
being polite and friendly when necessary and
using sophisticated, vicious sarcasm when
appropriate. Your life is guided by either
existentialism or nihilism, depending on the
weather. You have a certain appreciation for
the finer things in life, which is a diplomatic
way of saying that you are a disgusting
. Your problem is that French has been
obsolete for a long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
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This amuses Lord Hedon. Je parle amusee.