March 23rd, 2005


word up

My cubicle has some faulty wiring.

Occasionally my computer powers down if the right cable is jiggled. Boy
is that annoying.

Demonstrably live

What the hell?

I just had an argument with another developer, even though we were both

It has to do with error messages. Currently there is no way of
displaying error messages (because we don't want the user to see error
messages-- it might give the wrong idea). We do have the ability to
internally log error messages, but this particular one is not propogated
from the GPS decoder. It has to do with the validity of the GPS signal
not getting propogated into the position validity test. I agree that it
should be, and I have argued that for over a month but I have been shot
down because it would mean changing things too much.
So I agree that there should be an error message. The problem, is that I
don't have the information to generate an error message. And it took
about 15 minutes for me to get that idea across.

It's a very stressful time right now.

(no subject)

Had to cut short the workout tonight; started feeling nauseated and having difficulty with getting enough breath. I think some couch potato time is in order.

Need a hot tub. My back is in not-so-fluffy pain after just standing for a while. Part of it might be that f*cking office chair, but I did 7 minutes on the treadmill tonight, and it hurt.

Lonely, but that's not unusual. Gonna want to spend a lot of time with friends when I get back. And probably a lot of time sleeping.

Gonna try some soup now.
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