March 24th, 2005


Good Friday

37 days remain.
Tomorrow is Good Friday. As opposed to Abysmal Monday or Relatively
Decent Thursday.
It's good because I have it off work.

I was a bum for the past couple weeks and didn't pack stuff as well as I
should have. It means that I won't be driving home tonight, but I will
be doing it tomorrow. And since I don't have to be anywhere in
particular this weekend, that's okay by me.

I really need to do a fairly intense packing this trip. A lot of little
stuff, big tools, much of the periphery that I actually use. It's a lot
of those "will I absolutely need this in the next month" questions, and
some of those decisions are hard.

Books especially. Most of the books went back home on the first trip.
The ones that remain are a few paperbacks that I might want to read and
home-improvement reference books. Those are the hard ones: should I
bring them back home or keep them down here for reference for another
couple of weeks in case I get time and the urge to research some build-y

Probably bring them home. I can't really do any building down here, and
I've already done most of the research that I need.

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PetSnakeReggie unsere meme

What was the last vacation you took?
Honestly, I don't remember. I went to NYC several years ago for a friend's wedding. Haven't really been on a vacation for over ten years.

Of all the places you've been on vacation, which one do you most want to see again?
I liked Manhattan, I'd like to see it again with more time. Germany was cool, again more time. Pretty much anyplace with more time.

What is the next vacation you are planning on taking?
I wish I could actually plan a vacation.

Of all the places you've never been, what are your top five destinations?
Europe (Amsterdam, Germany, France, Italy, possibly Romania)
Austin, TX
Vancouver BC

(Yeah, so it's six. Bite me.)

Finally, how about a vacation destination that simply holds no interest for you at all?
Des Moines. If you need to know why, read back over the past year's journal.