March 30th, 2005


It's like a carnival ride

Second phone interview today, this one a technical interview. Happened
pretty fast, about a half-hour's notice, but still went well.

Technical things, talking about RTOS issues, what kind of things you
need to watch for, how to determine what you need. It actually ended up
as more of a conversation than an interview, which I think is pretty
good-- it loses that formality and gets into the kind of discussions
that designers have.
One of the funnier things: we got talking about a particular design that
I'm working on for a completely different project, and a lot of the
design decisions that I made are the exact same things that the
interviewer had to make. And I was even able to give him some advice on
one of his next decisions because it was something that I had already
researched. I think I may have even changed his mind by opening up some
possibilities he hadn't thought of yet.

He wants to do a face-to-face interview, and it will very likely be the
weekend of the 9th. Yes, an interview on the weekend, how cool is that?
It would be the first interview that I could wear jeans to.

There is the possibility that I'm actually overqualified. Which would be
ironic. So far though it sounds as if I'm on the top of the list of

It's nice to be wanted.

"If you don't like the code, just wait a few seconds for it to change."

31 days remain.

Interestingly, I'm on a new task now. Implementation of the Next Big

Looking at the architecture that was proposed, I discovered a simple
change that would cut the complexity in half, and probably drop the
development time to 25%.

It would mean bypassing a large and cumbersome part of the system.
Actually two parts.

Wanna bet that my changes won't happen?

Got this in e-mail today...

Randstad North America, the fourth largest work solutions company in the world, is looking to fill temporary test scoring positions for our client, Harcourt Educational Measurement. The work hours are 8:15am to 4:30pm with flexible scheduling available. Readers are paid $11.00 plus bonus potential that can bring your hourly rate up to $12 an hour with possible overtime available. Randstad offers weekly pay, medical and dental benefits once hired, and valuable career development tools. Upon completion of the project, Randstad will work with you to keep you working in jobs that meet your career goals and increase your value in the market. Requirements are proof of a four-year degree (official transcript) and successful completion of a 60-minute qualifying test administered at time of interview. To hear more about this great opportunity and to apply, please come to our open house on one of the following days: Monday 4/4 - 11 am, 1pm or 3pm, Tuesday 4/5 - 9 am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm or 5pm, Wednesday 4/6 - 11 am, 1pm or 3pm, Thursday 4/7 - 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm or 5pm, Friday 4/8 - 11am, 1pm or 3pm.

Please bring your resume, two professional references and proof of degree when you come in to apply at: 7900 International Drive, Suite 170, Bloomington, MN 55425. For more information, please call Kelly or Cory at (952) 854-3389.

Cory Mausolf
Project Coordinator, Harcourt
7900 International Dr
Bloomington, MN 55425
Tel. 952.854.3389
Fax 952.854.3402

A four-year degree?

Am I just jaded, or does this sound like high requirements for a low-pay position? I'm pretty sure it was a blind e-mail to anyone at who was in the twin cities area.

Anyway, thought I'd pass it along in case anyone is interested.

(no subject)

Hit the gym again, back on the relatively normal workout. I didn't do the back or crunches since my back has been a PITA, but I did pretty much the full circuit otherwise. Only a couple hundred on the butt machine though. How quickly it drops shape.

free will astrology

The mummified middle finger of Galileo's right hand is on display at a museum in Florence, Italy. I propose that you regard it as your sacred power object in the coming week. May it inspire you to flip the bird at everyone who crosses you. APRIL FOOL! While I do think you should derive inspiration from Galileo's middle finger, you should do so only at truly important moments. Not to express road rage, for God's sake; not to express disdain toward loudmouths using cell phones. Please, Taurus, flip a metaphorical bird only to protest the kind of high-level idiocy Galileo had to endure when the Church persecuted him for proving that the Earth revolves around the sun.