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April 1st, 2005

We have now reached that portion of our programming day where the pseudoephedrine kicks in and makes sleep impossible.

Incidentally, for the last post about information and signal to noise, if you want to look at it, you can get the excel file for it here.


Well, I am at work. I decided to brave the lungs of death and go in. Of
course, today is the day that they decided to update the source control
software, so I don't have access to the project source code to check
anything in or out.

I was hoping to maybe catch Sin City tonight, but I have the feeling
that I'd be better off lazing about at the apartment and not coughing up
a lung at the theater. Besides, the season finale of BSG is on tonight.

Holy crap!Collapse )


I'm being fairly prolific in my writing today. No particular reason
other than perhaps being a little cranky because of the cold and wanting
to both vent and distract myself from the coughing and breathing

Could I go for a day without writing about sex and relationships?Collapse )
Ugh. Came home from work, feeling too crappy. Off to bed.

Apr. 1st, 2005

Tiptoeing the Edge
Congratulations! You scored 73!
You're pretty geeky, and proud of it. You don't try to hide who you are, and that's great!! You have your hand in a little of everything, but you're not necessarily the nerdiest kid on the block. But keep it up, you may be there soon!

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 87% on dorkpoints
Link: The How Geeky Are You? Test written by EarthChyld on Ok Cupid

No. No, I'm not a geek.

It's still April 1st, right?

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