April 8th, 2005


Fecal Masonry

lexinatrix and fairoriana, you should love this

Out PV&V (product test) is using Test Director, which is a web-based
interface tool to manage defect reporting and resolution. Not a
problem, right?

So today, the developers got the first assignments of defects, and the
defect reporting is up to almost 2000 defects. Bear in mind that this is
a first alpha release, with known bugs. On a project this size, that's
completely normal and expected.

Except by management. The term "shit a brick" applies rather succinctly.
It looks like a Benny Hill sketch.

"We have to have a conference call with Waterloo NOW!"

"About what?"

"About why the CCD is failing!"

"Well, we just found out about it now, and we don't have any data to
look at to ask any questions. We need to go out to the farm and trace to
see what's happening, then we can start finding out where the problem

"But we need to call Waterloo!"

(Beep boop beep, beep beeb boop, neep boop beep boop)


"Our CCD is failing! Do you have any idea why?"

"Hmm... Nope. Been working here for ten years now."

Management is in a complete panic. It's like they've never done product
development before. Evidently they were thinking that this FIRST ALPHA
release would be going out to the farms for BETA testing.

Tried to tell them that the first BETA release-- the one that will
actually make it out the door-- is months away. Not days
away. Ostrich, ostrich, ostrich.

Somewhere in my mind, the phrase "cognitive dissonance" is playing...

Hoo! Hoo!

Major-league happy-on phone call today.

Company looking to develop a new device. Very cool device, which I
cannot disclose, but big happy major cool factor, like iPod cool.

Development work would be at my home, in my own lab.

Nondisclosure prevents any details, but how f-ing cool is that?