April 10th, 2005


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Quick weekend update before the NyQuil takes me down.

Friday drive up with Eve to drop her at Windy & Monte's. She does make the drive a lot faster.
Got home to a really smelly bedroom, like cat pee smelly. Unfortunately it looked like Poose had been laying on the dog bed and just peeing on it without bothering to get up. She looks really bad, skinny and not eating. Worried.
Got some cuddle time with the pooch, who was excited and happy. Found out that Barb lent her car to a friend, who managed to get in a hit-and-run accident with it, then piss off the cop when he got pulled over. Didn't have the insurance paperwork in the car. And of course, I'm the registered owner, and the insurance is in my name.


Saturday, unpacked the Exploder. Went to Radio Shack for universal remotes to replace the living room one that did not survive somebody's experiment with some sort of liquid, and one for the bedroom to see if the dumpster-dive DVD player would work. It does.
Saturday night to Muppet Labs for a Bowlsby Housewarming and Unexpected Birthday celebration. Lots of friends, didn't get to say hi to everybody, but had wonderful conversations, got hugs, snuggled with some hot babes (including lucyruthe and I think vixenly who were on their way to do some shaking of their fabulous booties, hopefully vorrant will be able to send me a picture), and just generally had a good time. Met Sarah and Josh, who may end up being housemates at the Big Broken Box™, as well as sharing some filmmaking happies.

It felt like being home.

Barb was at the party too. And since you asked, I believe it went well.

Sunday, prepared to come back to the Land of Pigs and Corn. Signed the title to the car over to Barb. I haven't seen the new title to the Exploder (saveau, didn't you say that it had come in the mail a while ago?), so that will have to be done later.

Picked up Eve at Muppet Labs, drove back to DM. Bits of lung being left on the side of the road from time to time with the coughing.

It's sketchy, but it's all I've got for now. Sleep, recovery, more fun tomorrow evening.