April 11th, 2005


Monday Bloody Monday

19 days remain.

Resilient cough. Bastard is just hanging in there to annoy me. Only
functional because of cough medicine, but it's a bromide which makes me
dull and lethargic.

Eve thinks I'm allergic to Iowa. Fun thought, that.

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Holy shinola.

First time in a few months, too low blood sugar. Reaction, didn't recognize it at first. Combined with cold medication, felt a little scary.

Grocery shopping. Small, but tangible. Need to crock-pot roasts.

Got a call from NDA company. More details on project. Can't talk about them, but I have some reservations. I need to do some research and a small architectural paper.

Possible carpet disaster. Trash bag leaked, looks like tea. Carpet cleaner doesn't seem to do the trick.

Ah, well, such is life.

Off to change clothes, pay bills, cook, maybe pass out.

(no subject)

I should go to bed, but I'm all up 'n' fluffy.

Paid bills tonight. Paid ahead on some because I could, and because I don't want to be bothered during the move and getting set up and stabilized at home.

Spent a lot of money. Oy.

Feeling playful and flirty tonight. Unfortunately, I'm here, in my apartment in iowa. This does me no good at all.