April 15th, 2005


Invisible Woman

My left ear is plugged. It's really annoying. It doesn't hurt, it just
feels like it has water in it, like I went swimming, except the water
isn't coming out. It's probably crap from the cold.

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A Day in the Life

"Hey Rob, you should sign up to get your tractor operator

"I should? I'm gonna be gone in a couple of weeks."

"But for those couple of weeks you could be helping us do the live

"And I could get out of the office? Okay, sign me up."


"Um, I can't."

"Why not?

"They won't pay for contractors to get certified."

"I thought the certification is free."

"It is."


"How about if I offer to reimburse them?"

(more silence.)

"They say it'll take some time to get that approved."