April 18th, 2005


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12 days remain.

Dear Developers,

The Applications nightly build has started at 8:57:19 AM

Please do not Check In or Check Out from this project until the build is

Fuzzy logic

Wow, do I feel ill today.

Had I been drinking, I'd suspect a hangover. Headache, nausea, all that.
Unfortunately, there was no drinking; there was a lot of napping and
websnurfing, a little movie watching, and a great deal of fever-pitch
attempting to plot a deeper story around a couple of events. I think I
keyed into something while I was sleeping that had to do with demons and
chaos, and I think the bastards had a little party in my brain.

Mr. X and Mr. Y have conferred, and seem to be impressed with my skills.
This bodes well for the work-at-home gig, possibly even being able to
work it into a schedule with other things.

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