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April 23rd, 2005

So, I'm awake and starting to move again.

More packing, etc. Just glorious.

It is a nice day outside. I am thankful for that, considering how much outside time I need to spend today.

Wish me luck and hot babes.

Apr. 23rd, 2005

Obvious at this point that I will not be able to pack everything that I wanted to in this trip. I will have to bring some extra up next weekend and hope it will fit.

The truck is full. As in holy crap how did you get it that full.

I'm now off to change my plugs and wires. Wish me luck.
New spark plugs are in. New spark plug wires are in. Engine runs beautifully now, a really amazing difference.

I have a minor oil leak from the valve cover gasket on one side. I don't think it's even worth fixing yet, though I'll keep an eye on it in case it gets worse.

The spark plugs were definitely worn. The preferred gap is .054, and the worst of the bunch was almost at .070 which would definitely be causing misfires. Nothing on the plugs to indicate other than normal wear.

What I thought was a leak in my upper radiator hose wasn't. Still don't know where the leak is, but it's really slow.

And at this point, I am off to see the wizard.

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