April 25th, 2005


Well, it's Monday.

5 days remain.

Other than that whole decomposing thing, I slept like the dead last
night. A small bout of waking up at around 2:30 or so, then back to bed.
A good ten hours of suspended bliss in clean sheets. I was smart enough
to do laundry before I left (since I was delayed it seemed like a good
thing to do), and I only had to make the bed before crashing into warm

The apartment is a holy mess. The new pope says so. Much in the way of
trash needs to be taken out back and shot, and I need to really organize
and figure out what's left-- a kind of triage. Part of me wishes I could
just dump the whole thing and be done, but there are much better uses
for the things that I have down here when I get back home, and really
there is a lot of stuff in the Big Broken Box(tm) that will be going
away shortly.

There will most likely be writing today. Playing in someone else's
sandbox, but some of this stuff I just have to get out of my head. There
are still a couple of character relationships that I need to figure out
(hey saveau, I have some questions that I want to bounce off
of you... After Prey, I think it's high time that Cassie and
Ashcroft meet).

So close.

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So Rob got home from work and decided to make dinner.

Of course among the many things that were packed and taken home were most of the kitchen utensils. Including all of the pots and pans.

Aha! The Crock Pot is still here. I shall attempt to make... something. Hmm... tomato sauce, tomato paste... spaghhetti noodles! Yay!

Into the crock pot go some cooked beef, mushrooms, spices tomato sauce, tomato paste, olives... a couple of cans of soup for good measure.

Now to cook the spaghetti.



Well, perhaps Rob can cook spaghetti noodles in the microwave. Big bowl of water. Spaghetti noodles. 24 minutes.

Disaster waiting to happen?

Interestingly, no. It worked quite well. The noodles are even al dente.

Now to go sit down and watch some TV...


(no subject)

19 pages of screenplay today. I do believe that is a record for me. Unfortunately it's all rough draft, and very talky; I think in the equivalent of 19 minutes, there are three scenes. That would bore even a European audience. But it's at least down, and from there it can be rewritten and cut down to essences.

I feel so worthy.
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