May 3rd, 2005


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Interview with Bose Enduratec went okay. Hard to say whether it as a home run, but nothing horrible happened. Nice place, nice people, sense of humor.

Trying to start working on the house, figured I'd do some outdoor work. Realized that the wheelbarrow is gone. Apparently stolen. Figured I'd head to Menards for a new wheelbarrow and possibly a lawnmower, but I want to use the trailer, and I need to get the lights working on it first.

Bleahrg. Sleepy. But I have warm cuddly pets. Micha (the evil cat) was even cuddly today, and he's been sharing the bed with Sadie (the sweet dog) just to be with.

After it gets dark, I plan on doing some inside work, probably further packing up the BarbStuff from the Room Where No One Walks™ so I can at least have a staging area for the stuff from Ahwah so I can unpack.


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It's kind of hard to describe what's happening here, but I'll see if I can give you at least an idea.

When I was in Iowa, I had the apartment to myself. It was my place, as much as it could be: I was the one that lived there, I decorated it, I furnished it, I knew where everything was.

Coming home to the Big Broken Box™, I am confronted with dysfunction. I haven't been able to unpack anything yet because there simply isn't room to put anything anywhere. I hadn't counted on any of that, and it's making life a bit uncomfortable. And the past two days have been taken up with interviews and prep work, so I've been a bit overwhelmed.

That's a good description, overwhelmed.

I can only move slowly and take one thing at a time. Unfortunately, there's a lot that has to be done.
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