May 7th, 2005


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Things accomplished today with the yard, mostly involving large machinery. Stump removal by grinding was awesome, and I got to play with an 18HP wood chipper for a good three hours. Which is exactrly why the sunburn.

The evening was a trip to Tony's, where saveau showed up and shortly thereafter my favorite redhead, unfortunately with her companion of note, which means I got very little in the way of touching time.

There is some consideration that he is jealous of me. I tend to scoff at the idea, as there is nothing untoward in the connection that I have with her; she likes being touched and touching, and I do too. There has been no hanky-panky.

But I suppose the question could be would there be if given the chance?

And I honestly don't know.

She is first and foremost my friend. That is inviolate, and anything that puts that in jeopardy is right out. But damn, that still leaves a lot of territory open. And there is a certain attraction to not having the answer to that question, a certain danger and excitement that goes with playing it by ear.

Too tired to think. More I want to say, but for now this will have to do.
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