May 17th, 2005



Dog must poop.
Dog does not want to poop if she goes out the front door.
Dog only wants to poop if she can go out the back door.
Back door leads to very muddy yard, which would then involve giving dog a foot bath.
Which leads me to the inevitable standing on what remains of the front porch at 1:00 in the morning repeatedly and firmly saying "Go poop!".
My life is teh sexx0rz.
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Getting settled in at work. These first several days are primarily
orientation and getting to know as much as I can about the system(s)
that I'll be dealing with.

But Holy cow, I've somehow managed to get attached to a company that
actually has addressed many of the issues that I have had with corporate
america. There is actually a focus on ethics and respect, integrity,
communication and honesty. And people are actually happy to be at work.

I didn't think it was possible. And I'm still being cautious. But if it
is as good as it looks to be, I could actually end up being happy.

Bose is an interesting company, from the top level (Dr. Amar Bose) down.
Some day I'll tell you more, but I'm mondo impressed.

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Big headache at work today. Trying to fill the brain with too much info.

Came home figuring I'd mow the lawn, do some laundry. A few chores that need to be done.
Woke up to Sasha ringing the doorbell. At 8:30.

So much for the lawn.